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This is a skeleton page, but should ultimately discuss Pubnightish authors, at least:

In addition, there should be a list of authors/novels that mention pubs that PNC and its splinter groups or members thereof have actually drunk in.

To start this off, there is:

  • Henry Fielding and his laugh a minute comedy Tom Jones which refers to, but never actually names The White Lion in Upton
  • Robert Neill and his romance of religous persecution in the marshes of Lancashire Moon in Scorpio which features The Boar's Head in, erm, Boars Head (between Standish and Wigan).
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Chequers - visited by Holmes and Watson in "The Creeping Man". This takes place in Camford - a thin disguise for Oxford (if you think it's really Cambridge then see me afterwards). Black Swan, Winchester - Holmes and Watson meet Violet Hunter here in "The Copper Beeches".


  • 1 : Although not much of Sir Arthur's work involves pubs (apart from the odd cameo role in several Sherlock Holmes stories) and dominos doesn't feature much either. In fact, a search at project Gutenburg fails to find any mention on the word "domino" in Doyle's work. "Bristles"2, however, has 5 separate mentions.
  • 2 : We are undone, my good Watson! It is finished