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"Tom took... his redeemed lady.... to that Inn which in their eyes presented the fairest appearance in the street" ".....a house of exceedingly good repute"

is how the White Lion was described in Henry Fielding's famous novel Tom Jones which was published in 1749. 1

I'm quite sure that if Mr Fielding was writing the novel today he would use a pretty similar phrase.

Possibly the poshest public house in Upton the White Lion is actually the hotel bar, but at the same time has the feeling of a small friendly local.  When members of the Sporogenes Club visited there were a mere four real ales on tap: Donningtons BB and SB, Greene King Abbott and Holdens. Only the Donnington and Holden's beers were sampled during this visit but they were in excellent condition. On previous visits here the beers have been different but the quality has always been exceedingly good

The (probably apocrypthal) epitaph:

Beneath this stone in hopes of Zion
Doth lie the landlord of The Lion;
His son keeps on the business still,
Resigned unto the heavenly will

is attributed to Upton on Severn in some sources. If so, it must relate to this pub.

This pub was last visited on Saturday 28th January 2006 by Jon, Neil, Nick and Steve
When last visited the pub was serving : BB, SB, Abbott and Holdens from the following breweries : Donnington , Greene King and Holdens

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  • 1 : Other famous, but more recent, guests at The White Lion include Sir Alec Guiness, Brian Blessed, Max Beesley, Frances De la Tour, Kathy Burke, Sian Phillips, George Sewell, John Sessions & Samantha Morton2 [Although we suspect not at the same time - Eds3 ]
  • 2 : Of this list all bar Sir Alec, Sian Phillips and George Sewell starred in the TV series "The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling" made in 1997.
  • 3 : So yah-boo and sucks to you