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The game of Dominos has been an integral part of Pub Night since its inception.

Of course the PNC dont just play ordinary dominos (known as 3s & 5s) because that would be dull. PNC play:

A New Game - Nomic_dominos is under development

Of course there is more to dominos than just playing. You have to include such important things as scoring, the ever likely chance of Gambits and there is always the possibily of including the contraversial Japanese Bridge.

Dominos is, as everyone knows, not a new game and PNC has been involved in research into the origin of the sport: one of their more contraversial discoveries has been that of The Domino Folk

Pubnight Dominos makes extensive use of slogans (different from, but in the same spirit as Gambits), sound effects and scoring conventions.

Just occasionally - particlarly on their canal boating trips other games are played. These include Black Maria (with the obligatory argument over rules - particularly when Richard S is involved) and Darts' Yahtzee.

It is a sobering though that in Alabama, dominoes may not be played on Sunday; so its a good thing Pub Night doesn't go there