Tom Jones

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The novel (the full title of which is "The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling") recounts the wild comic1 adventures of the good-hearted, though highly fallible, foundling Tom Jones (not to be confused with Tom Jones the singer who is someone completely different) and is arguably the best known of Henry Fielding's novels 2

Nick says: I have actually read this book, having been given it for my birthday once by Simon. It was described in the blurb as "the funniest book in the English language", which it isn't. Nevertheless, it has its moments, and made me chuckle slightly twice. There is an entertaining BBC TV adaptation of the book with John Sessions as Fielding, which is a nice idea, as at least half the attraction of the book is the way Fielding talks directly to the reader.

Tom is supposed to have stayed in the The White Lion in Upton Upon Severn


  • 1 : Although it depends on your definition of wild comedy.
  • 2 : Not that this is saying much