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Slogans, in the technical sense used here, refer to the subclass of announcements made by the scorer whenever a player passes a particular landmark.   They should never (or, according to some authorities, always) be confused with gambits.  For the canonical "first to one hundred" (with or without bounceback) game these are:

Table of annoucements
Score Announcement Status
Silly Sound effect
12½ You've dipped your map Disputed Splish-splash1 3
25 You've singed your map Disputed
Shhhhshshshshs1 3
50 You've got your tin hat off Canonical
75 That's your mess-tin Established Rattle-rattle4
90 That's your waterbottle Established
Flobble-flobble1 5

Additional scores on longer games include Albatross ("Eargggh"), Kin Il Sung and Yom Kippur but details of when and why these are applied are lost in an alcoholic fuzz.


  • 1 : Rather than a sound effect, James would tap his beer glass with a biro at this stage
  • 2 : Rather than a sound effect, James would knock his beer glass over with his biro.
  • 3 : Nick does not acknowledge this score, nor issue a sound effect
  • 4 : Nick prefers "Wheeeeeee .......   Clunk!"
  • 5 : Nick prefers "Wheeeeeee .......  Splosh!"