Scoring conventions

From PubNight

The scoring conventions for Doms are quite simple.

For the first hand the players names are put down in columns starting with the person who leads off. At the end of the round a line is drawn under each persons score to clearly indicate on the score card where one hand ends and the next one starts. Scoring for the next hand carries forward the players score from the end of the previous hand.

To make it clear who lead off in subsequent hands the player who started has a mark put by their score. To further assist in subsequent analysis of the scores the domino the player led off with is also recorded using the internationally recognised foot note markings:

Domino Played          
Symbol Description           
Double 1 asterisk *
Double 2 dagger
Double 3 double dagger
Double 4 section symbol §
Double 5 paragraph
Double 6 parallel lines \\
Double 7 two asterisks **
Double 8 two daggers ††
Double 9 two double daggers ‡‡

NOTE: Although the above table lists upto the Double 9 as a starting domino it is very very rare for the starting domino to be anything higher than the Double 3.