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A silly little dominos game to play at the end of the evening instead of just putting the doms back into the box.

The object of this game is to win individual hands by playing the highest scoring dom. Split the doms equally between the players (If you can't then any spares should be placed face up on the table and deemed unplayable.)

The player with the double blank leads off

Each player in turn should then play any domino they want - remember the highest scoring dom wins.

When you have gone round the table the person who has put the highest scoring dom on the table gets a point, leads off the next round, and puts the doms in the box.

There is of course a problem if two people put doms with the same number of spots on the table. If this happens then the dom with the largest number of spots on one side (i.e. the one with the biggest difference of spots between the two halves wins). For example the 12:1 and the 6:7 both total 13, however the 12:1 is the winning dom