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So what's new on the Pub Night Wiki?

The sad news as of today (19/04/08) is that the Overton Lodge is to close at the end of June. Apparently the owner has had enough and wants to sell up and retire. The staff (and the regulars after that) were told Friday night. This leaves a dearth of decent pubs in the St George's Rd/Gloucester Rd/Tivoli triangle. And the regulars are thinking about which places to go to next...

Nick has added a few pubs — well if you're stuck in a business hotel with a free iMac you might as well use it!

Rich and Mich have started checking out pubs from the 2008 good beer guide. Rich's reckies has all the details.

Winchcombe and its Pubs have been added

There is a slight bug in the addmarker code which means you have to provide the field=xx even when NOT doing a pnquery. I'll look into it sometime soon

Javascript for googlemaps has been seriously tidied up - again let me know if anything breaks! Trying to code round the pile of shit that is Microsoft's version of Javascript has pissed me off. My code works fine with Firefox and Opera but ie throws a wobbly either over an object which is quite clearly defined or over an object that doesn't sodding well exist on a line of code that doesn't exist. So complex maps such as Cheltenham , Bath Road Pub Crawl etc. might not work reliably in IE at the moment - even though I've spent quite a bit of time on them. One thing that has been done is moving the googlemap API code out of the header and into the body of the page. This speeds up the loading of every other page on the site but slows down the map pages. IE also wont render the map until the whole of the page (api code and all) has been downloaded - this includes all the graphics - so you may get a lengthy delay on complex map pages before anything appears; Firefox doesn't seem to suffer from this.

If you want to view these maps properly then I suggest you upgrade to a browser that works such as Firefox or Opera

The In Memoriam page has been updated to use a new group (closed) rather than relying on the pub rating field. More pubs are being added to this page as Cheltenham planning committee (who do seem to be sensible in some cases) are a bunch of half witted morons when it comes to pubs. Which idiot allowed the Mitre to be turned into flats eh??? (Strangely enough the planning application for this doesn't seem to be on the Cheltenham planning portal!)

There is a lot of work still left to be done on the data - details on that can be found in the dedicated PubNight Pub Data section (PNPD:Main_Page)

Google Maps have been integrated into the system. If a pub has a latitude and a longitude then a googlemap can be used. The most obvious place you can see this in action is on the Next Pub Night page which will automatically display the googlemap for the pub.

Dr Tone now maintains a list of pubs visited - currently only Venues 2006 is there and is incomplete.

Pub Data now contains a group field - this is used to group disparate pubs into specific groups (the OOTPG being a prime example)

Additional coding to handle photographs has been put in place - specifically the picture and thumb fields which produce nicely formatted images.

Further googlemap enhancements including numbered markers, coloured markers and "tool tips" giving the pub name when you hover over a marker have been added. Auto zooming maps have now been implemented. The most obvious place where these can be seen in action are on the OOTPG and PNBH pages