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It sort of makes sense to put ideas for enhancements on here.


We need a page with a list of groups in it - I was adding the Beeston Castle and couldn't remember the group code for boating

While I'm here - the "last visited" field doesn't seem to work

Linking to breweries

Its done - check The Swan to see it working for battledown.

Data is maintained on PNPD:Brewery. If the lookup doesn't match then it simply puts out the brewery name as an internal link. Note that the Brewery page lines have three values:

  • Key : The word used in the brewery line
  • URL : The URL of the brewey website
  • Name : The full brewery name. This allows us to use battldown for "Battledown Brewery" etc.

I've done a couple of mods on this as work on the "Database in a Wiki" - note no trailing | and the fact that the = has now been replaced by a |.

I'm going to add a couple new namespaces Database:Main Page for the DB work just to keep it from cluttering up in here.

We know also have a new pnfunction called pnbrewery which is used like this:

<pnbrewery>battledown</pnbrewery> which produces Battledown Brewery

New Group

I think we need a pnr group which we can use to flag up specific pubs as pub night recommends. I've done this on one pub The Kings Head, Bledington and put a bit of code on the Pub Night Also Recommends page