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Richard and Michelle have been trying a few different pubs around Cheltenham (OK - some have been a lot further afield). We thought we'd share our views on the pubs we have so far visited since getting a shiny new hardback copy of the 2008 Good Beer Guide. As we try the pubs out, we are going to pick some of the best and put them on a recommended list.

We also checked out a lot of different pubs from the 2007 good beer guide. We are gradually posting up reviews on the backlog.

I've also put a selection of London pubs up there from recent visits.

Our highly recommended list

Our recommended list

All the pubs we have visited

Rich is now on a mission to "collect" as many different beers as possible, but only started keeping records very recently of the beers he has sampled. You can go to Rich's beer list to see how this is progressing.