Voting proposals

From PubNight

Nick, Rich and Steve have so far proposed new voting procedures. You could of course add your own or offer views about them. Click the links to see these

Nick's voting proceedure

Richard's voting proceedure

Steve's voting proceedure

Add any views on the merits or otherwise of these schemes here.

A view from Rich: Hmmmmmm...I don't like the idea of a complicated email to fill in so Nick's scheme wouldn't be my choice. Mine was designed to be well balanced in terms of it's algorithm but I have to confess I do like the idea behind Steve's - as there is no need to send in a pub preference, just availabilities. So for me, I'd go for a hybrid of these two. And I'd come up with an easy way to send in the availability info for everyone (perhaps by text!) so you could send Dr Tone the data at pubnight and find out the next pubnight while you're there.

Of course if you are a ludite you won't want any of this newfangled computer chicanery