Voting mk 2

From PubNight

Hmmmm.....I like the idea of just registering when you can make by (say) Friday - and if there is an easy way via Dr Tone then great.

In terms of algorithms for making the pub selection, there are many possibilities. I do have one approach designed to offer a combination of variety and pander to the popular vote. Here goes:

We have a list of pubs

The system maintains a record of pubs you have indicated a preference for previously

Each week you indicate the nights you can make and pick a pub from the list that you would like pubnight to visit

The system adds the new pub preferences to those already held

The system determines the most popular night - When pubnight is

It then picks the most popular pub on the list, which has not been voted for by someone who can't attend - Where pubnight is

Preferences registered for the pub chosen for pubnight are then wiped

The intention here is to balance variety, higher frequency for more popular pubs, and not picking pubs people want to go to when they aren't there. I suspect it is readily automated (Steve - thoughts? - could Dr Tone make a selection each week and when sending it out send a link to your site, where you could register the days you can make and select a pub from a list?).

If the above works, it would mean we visit the popular favorites (e.g. Kemble) frequently, we visit less popular ones less frequently but still go there, and you don't find us visiting the Royal Oak when Nick's not here or the Greatfield without Colin. You'll also find pubs like the Sudeley and the Royal Union tend to happen on weeks I can't make.....or the Bayshill on weeks Simon can't be there.

Anyway - this is just an idea. But I'd like views anyway