Voting mk 3

From PubNight

I think this is a combination of the two existing proposals by Nick and Richard:

  • A Page is added to the Pub Night website which has the favourite pubs for each member of Pub Night.
  • Each week (say by Wednesday at noon) each member of Pub Night indicates the days they can make next week by emailing Dr Tone
  • Dr Tone then looks at which day is the favourite from the people who have voted.
  • Using that information Dr Tone then looks at the favourites for the people who can make it and from that he works out where the next Pub Night will be.
  • The chance of a pub being picked for the next pub night is affected by the time it was last picked and its relative position in the list. So a pub that is third on the list that hasn't been visited for a month is more likely to be picked than a pub at the top of the list that was visited last week