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The old pubnight pages has the following:

25 - Scorching the map (this is currently in dispute by some players)
50 - Mess Tin
75 - Water Bottle
90 - Tin Hat
99 - Cadbury's Flake
100 - Usually the end but the following extensions (primarily for Products and Primes [where 100 is reached too quickly] and extended matches) have been ratified by the Pub Night council:

125 - Yom Kippur
150 - Kim Il Sung
175 - Gannet (or albatross!)


Hmm.  I'm almost certain that tin-hat is half way.

Ah - so that puts TH at 100 in a 200 game, which is why it doesn't otherwise have a title.

I suggest we have a formal discussion of this next Thursday, including the sound effects.   I don't recognise Cadbury's flake.
Map dipping, at 12.5, is even more disputed of course.