The Parrot

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4 North Place
GL50 4DW
01242 570978
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The Parrot used to be a Tapas bar (called ???) but before that it was called the Rat and Parrot which apparently caused a lot of confusion with another pub which was called the Rat and Carrot (which was subsequently renamed to the Rattle and Hum before being renamed again to The Lansdown which is nearly the same as its original name!). So they renamed it.

However before it was called the Rat and Parrot the pub was actually known as the Duck and Pheasant. At that time is was a fairly "down to earth" pub with a very rock heavy juke box and a clientele to match1. When it became gentrified to the R&C most of the real customers moved to The Cotswold

For a while the pub seemed to be a Tapas bar that advertised that it sold steak (and also seemed to have a handpump or two on the bar) before finally getting its act together.

This pub was last visited sometime in March 2005 by Steve, Nick, Richard and Paul

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  • 1 : Whereas the pub now has quite loud piped music and a clientele who were probably still in nappies the last time PN was held there