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17 Portland Street
GL52 2NZ
01242 526425
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The Pubnight Destination Digraph for this pub is CW

Another Pub Night regular venue in the older days1.

The pub went through a major refit which basically involved taking the central bar out from the middle of the Pub and putting it against the back wall thus turning a two room pub into a single room pub. The pub went through quite a few changes of tenants, some of whom could not keep beer properly, and it stopped being a PN regular venue. It did however continue to be used by PN regulars on a Friday or Saturday evening as a meeting point before going on for a curry

The current landlord (John) keeps two or three real ales on tap and does good, cheap food

The pub is also the regular meeting place for Myers Paranormal Society who meet there on the 2nd Tuesday in the Month

It is also worth asking John (the bar man) if they have any special beers on. Tonight Saturday 23rd September 2006 they had a rather interesting Saxon nettle beer on - being a Saxon beer it contained no hops and it was definately different

This pub was last visited on Wednesday 11th April 2007 by Nick, Colin, Richard and Steve
When last visited the pub was serving : Henry IPA and 6X from the following breweries : Wadworth

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  • 1 : Steves first pint of Farmers Glory was in the cellar bar of this pub. The Cellar bar is now called The Pit and claims to be Cheltenham's Only Rock Bar. It has a seriously heavy juke box and Real Ale is also available so there is no need to go to the main bar