Pub Night Council

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At the moment the current members of the Pub Night Council (or PNC 1 for short) are:

The following people are part time members of the PNC:

  • James
  • Richard M
  • Big Mark

Previous members include:

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The PNC also have a long standing tradition of holding a canal boating holiday every year. The days are long, the work is hard but you can be sure that the beer at the end of the day tastes so much better ;). Pub visited during these trips, along with other pubs various members of PNC have also visited, and which PNC enjoyed can be found on the Pub Night Also Recommends Page


  • 1 : Not to be confused with the Police National Computer which costs an awful lot more than Pub Night2 and is nowhere near as much fun 3
  • 2 : At least in capital costs. Running costs are probably broadly comparable given the price of beer these days.
  • 3 : However it is likely given current events that the information on Pub Night is more accurate than that held on the PNC