Adding a pub

From PubNight

Adding a pub to the PubNight Wiki is as easy as ordering the last round of the evening !

  • Determine the Digraph for the pub and then enter it ( in UPPER case ) into the box below and click on the Create Button. This will bring up a new page populated with the data fields from the PNPD:Dummy_pub page (which is by definition now the Master copy of the fields)

Note Until you fill in the NAME and PAGE fields with the correct values for your pub you really cannot go any further. You need to ensure that the PAGE name you are considering doesn't already exist in the PUBS namespace.

  • Save the form
  • Go to the PNPD:Pub Data Maintenance page and you should find your new pub digraph listed in the table (opening this page in a new window or tab is useful, as it keeps these instructions open).
  • If you click on the Digraph it will take you to the data page and you can fill in the rest of the fields.
  • From the PNPD:Pub Data Maintenance page click on the name for your newly created pub. The name should be displayed in red and when you click on the link it will take you to the new page and leave you in Edit mode. If the pub isn't there then you might have to force a reload of the page in your browser.
  • Paste the page layout you want from the PNPD:Page Templates page. In most cases the First page layout template will be adequate. Dont forget to change the Digraph.
  • Add any additional text to the page.
  • Errr.... thats it