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The word Digraph has several meanings:

  • Digraph (orthography), a pair of characters used together to represent a single sound, such as "sh" in English
  • Typographical ligature, the joining of two letters as a single glyph, such as "æ"
  • Digraph (programming), a group of characters used to symbolise one character
  • Digraph (mathematics), or directed graph, in graph theory
  • Digraph, component of a CIA cryptonym, a covert code name
  • As language codes in ISO 639-1

Here on PubNight a Digraph is a unique two letter code used to identify a pub which hopefully should be quite guessablle. In some cases where the only available digraph would be so far from the pub name we've extended the Digraph to three letters (a trigraph).

If you look on PNPD:Pub Data Maintenance - The Master Page of all pubs you'll see what we mean