From PubNight

I've added a "driver" field to the Old Spot entry - we need to do this for OOTPG pubs as we go along. We also need to think about what we are going to do about previous visit data - just stick it in a storage field for the time being I suppose. We need to work out how to store it. If its just dates then we can put it in the previous field and comma separate them - oldest first...

We could also build up a Venues page for the OOTPG - but manually edit it. If you've got the old listings then please let me have them and Dr Tone will code it up I've now done this - OOTPNG

We need to hold Colin down while he transcribes his diary (there's no point borrowing the thing as it's in Colineese).

And another thought. How about a "get coordinates" pop-up for adding pubs?

its something to think about - how exactly would you see it working?

A button that opens a new window with a google map on it. You can add and move a marker. When you press a button it closes the window and puts the results "somewhere", from where they are put into the PNPD page.

OK I'll think about it and see what I can come up with.