Woolpack, Slad

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on B4070
01452 813429
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Bags and bags of character, but very definitely a local's pub. A quaint old pub, outside loos, lots of wood. You certainly know you're in a real pub. And it had a roaring fire - just what you want as it starts to get a bit chilly outside.

We found it serving three good Uley beers (Uley Bitter, Old Spot and Pig's Ear). It also had a proper draught lager but I'm afraid I didn't get the details.

This is a pub with character - I'd probably go there sometime other than weekend evenings as it did fill up rather. A crib board or a set of dominoes would blend in well too.

One of the locals did bring in an enormous pumpkin ready for halloween. Don't think I've ever seen one so big. It was sitting on the bar when we left!

This pub was last visited on Friday 26th October 2007 by Rich And Mich
When last visited the pub was serving : Uley Bitter, Old Spot and Pig's Ear from the following breweries : Uley

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