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Long Lane
01923 282226
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Brilliant pub this - well worth quite a trek. It's just off of the M25 (about 5 minutes from junction 17 down a single track road).

Inside the pub is unspoilt, and the landlord clearly wants to keep it that way. If your mobile phone goes off you have to put 50p in the charity box. There's a selection of games, and various brewery-related memorabilia all around. But the real star is the beer. Look out for beers from Tring or Red Squirrel breweries (Tring Liberty Ale is on sale but I think it's actually Brock Bitter). There were six pumps all dispensing good beer when I went. You can drink your beer out of lined glasses, to be sure of a full pint, and they also serve halves and thirds (good for sampling a range when you've got to keep your alcohol level down).

The food was basic but nice - my cheddar bagette came with a selection of parsnip and beetroot crisps. Locals were eating pork pies and mustard at the bar.

There are outside areas and a petanque pitch if that takes your fancy.

This pub was last visited by Rich and Mich
When last visited the pub was serving : Conservation IPA, Proper English IPA, Brock Bitter, Budget Buster, Memory Loss and American Pale Ale from the following breweries : Red Squirrel , Tring , Mighty Oak and Dark Star

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