Hop Pole, Aylesbury

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83 Bicester Road
HP19 9AZ
01296 482129
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The Pubnight Destination Digraph for this pub is HPA

LArge firndly local pub in Aylesbury. It calls itself Aylesbury's permanent beer festival - and with 8 good beers on at a time this is not a far-fetched claim. Of the list of 8 beers which were on at the time I visited and the 12 displayed as coming next, I had previously had - err none of them! Impressive. Vale brewery beers seemed to be a prominent feature - 5 beers on sale came from Vale. If you are coming back from the East of the country to the Cheltenham area this makes for a pleasant stop...just make sure someone else is driving afterwards!

This pub was last visited by Rich and Mich
When last visited the pub was serving : Vale Best Bitter, VPA and guests from the following breweries : Vale  and guests

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