Butchers Arms, Sheepscombe

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signed from the A46
01452 812113
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Boy did we need a drink by the time we got there - the road on the way in was horrific. If you go from Cheltenham and take the road from the A46 brace yourself for living hell - if you meet another car you'll certainly know what reverse is for. I'd recommend the road from Birdlip instead.

Very interesting pub sign! Go there and see what I mean...

Looked to have a good selection of food including local Sheepscombe Lamb cutlets, Romanian sausages with chips and salad. Also has a pudding club featuring British classics such as spotted dick, bread and butter pudding, summer pudding, apple pie and jam roly-poly.

Beers were good. Frobisher's fruit juices go down well if your driver has a discerning palate.

This pub was last visited on Sunday 15th October 2006 by Rich And Mich
When last visited the pub was serving : Moles Tap Bitter, Otter Ale and Doom Bar Bitter from the following breweries : Moles , Otter and Sharp's

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