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85 St Georges Place
GL50 3PP
01242 524388
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Decent town centre pub serving the full range of Wadworth beers, including seasonal specials.

The Bayshill went through a big expansion/refurbishment in the mid 1990s when the pub gained a large lounge in which good food is now served. It also has an enclosed garden which is popular in the summer.

Some trivia: town planners had proposed to demolish the pub in the early 1980s to build an inner ring road. In response a 45 rpm single was released by the band Decameron (The Bayshill Rollers) called Save the Bayshill. Obviously the publicity worked and the pub was saved.

This pub was last visited on Wednesday 3rd January 2007 by Colin, Michael, Richard, Nick and Steve
When last visited the pub was serving : Henry IPA, JCB, 6X and Bishops Tipple from the following breweries : Wadworth

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