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8 Townsend St
GL51 9HD
01242 690030
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Ah - the Adam & Eve.... If you want an archetypal back street local boozer - you've come to the right place. Two bars: a lounge that actually looks like someone's front room, and a public bar with copper top tables, a dart board, a juke box and an insane little dog who won't stop cleaning my ears out...

Clientele is a mixture typical of the local community - council workers, civil servants, train drivers, builders - we get all sorts in the A&E, and they are all welcome. Arkell's beers are on tap. At present the A&E has 2B, Moonlight and Kingsdown Ale on tap, though no doubt Arkells seasonal ales will displace Kingsdown eventually. Ever the hub of the community, the pub raises a lot of cash for local charities, is home alley to several Cheltenham League skittles teams, and runs a quiz team in the Sunday evening quiz league. Simon

This pub was last visited on Tuesday 7th January 2014 by Nick, Paul, Mike, Steve, Richard and Doug and was rated as ""
When last visited the pub was serving : Moolight and Noel... and a mix of other beers from Arkells and Donnington from the following breweries : Arkells

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