Data Fields

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Purpose of the fields

The fields allow us to implement a very basic database inside the Wiki.


The format of each field is very simple:


The trailing | is very important as this is what we use as a field separator. When editing using the internal Wiki editor place each field on its own line - this is purely to make it easy to edit the fields, it is not needed from a data point of view.

Current Fields


The name of the Pub. Note: This is NOT necessarily the name of the PubNight Wiki page. This is the name that is displayed when the pnlink tag is used.


The address of the pub. Separate each line of the address with a comma - for example: 8 Townsend St, Cheltenham,Gloucestershire


The postcode of the pub. This is added to the address when the address is asked for. It is a separate field as it is used to link to the external map site


The phone number of the pub


If the pub has a website then enter it here. Do not provide the leading http:// as this is added by the extension


The name of the PubNight wiki page. This is used as the link to item when the pnlink tag is used - So the NAME is displayed but the clicking on the link takes you to the PAGE.


If there is a image associated with this pub then put the name of the file here


Does the pub have a nick name? If it does then put it here


When was the pub last visited. The date should be in the format dd/mm/yyyy. If the exact date is not known then you can use 00/mm/yyyy or 00/00/yyyy which will give either the month and year or just the year as the visit date. If the contents of this field are not in the format specified then the contents of the field are displayed instead of the date.


A list of who attended the pubnight. This should be a comma separated list of names. When this is displayed the names are turned into links to PubNight wiki pages.


A list of brewers providing beer at the pub. This is a comma separated list


A list of the beers available at the pub. This is a comma separated list


What is the rating of the pub. This can be a value between 0 and 10. When this is displayed it is formatted using the format specified (see Formatting for details on this


What is the rating of the beer quality. This follows the CAMRA approved method and should be a value between 0 and 5. When this is displayed it is formatted using the format specified (see Formatting for details on this


In discussion


In discussion


A brief summary of the pub.


Quick notes which may be of use


In discussion


The Latitude of the pub - for GoogleMaps


The Longditude of the pub - for GoogleMaps


The group a pub belongs to - this allows disparate pubs to be group together into a logical group such as oot (for out of town pub venues)

Special Fields

The Pndata extension has some special fields that are not real fields. So although these can be used in the extension tag they do not exist as data fields in the data pages


This displays a predefined header block


This displays a predefined footer block


This displays a thumbnail of the image associated with the digraph along with the caption


This displays the image associated with the digraph, framed with the caption text underneath it


If the lat and lon fields are set then display a Googlemap with the pub at the centre


This adds a marker to an existing googlemap.


This basically outputs the text between the open and close extension tags as part of the output. Its primary use is to allow you to insert your content between field output


This is not a field that would normally be used. Its primary usage is for creating lists of googlemap points for inclusion in the googlemap extension. So if you wanted to create a googlemap with some pubs on it then you'd use this field to create a list of points to put into the googlemap extension.

For more information on these you should refer to the PubNight Extensions page