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The first Pub Night was held, according to Colin, in the Bell Inn on the Bath Road, Cheltenham in October 1987

Early regular members (at least by the time Simon joined at the Somerset Arms in early 1989) were Colin, Meg, Syd, Mark, Ricko, the Morrises, David ("Dazzer"), Anthony Smith (known as "Smit1") and Graham. Thus early PN was well represented by women - a trend that has sadly died off despite half the current PNC getting married...

Pub Night went through a lean period with only a small number of core attendees. Out Of Town pub night were trialled on a once a month basis but due to irregular attendance they soon fell by the way side.

Then Pub Night got stuck on a smaller and smaller set of pubs which in turned caused the attendance to drop off even more.

However in recent months the attendance has increased a little.

This is a work in progress..