Boating 2016

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Here are the dates and the crew I think we'll have. Nick probably won't do the whole thing and is tending towards something like Wigan-to-Wigan (maximises break from work against weekend disruption, maximises travelling with different people) but is not certain yet.

The trip is here (right click and open in a new tab)

Our booking on the Liverpool Link has been confirmed so we're good to go.

Use the discussion tab on this page to add comments, ideas etc.

Tarleton is in the route both ways just so everyone gets the chance to do it but timings are quite slack in both directions (But more so on the return trip) so we have time to do detours like Chester, Manchester, The Bhurpore, The Weaver.....

The Overnights in bold are the ones we have to do - the others are where the planner thinks we are going to stop.

We have space for 5 on board if one person chooses to sleep on the floor (people usually take it in turns)

Date Overnight Location Crew
Saturday 17 September 2016    Bremilows Bridge No 100    Steve, [Nick], David
Sunday 18 September 2016    Marston Bridge No 193    Steve, [Nick], David
Monday 19 September 2016    Broadheath Bridge No 30.    Steve, [Nick], David
Tuesday 20 September 2016     Pagefield Lock Footbridge    Steve, Nick, David
Wednesday 21 September 2016    Tarleton Boat Yard. (Turn here tonight or tomorrow morning)    Steve, Nick, David
Thursday 22 September 2016    Lydiate Winding Hole    Steve, Nick, David
Friday 23 September 2016    Liverpool Docks ( Salthouse Dock )    Steve, Nick, David
Saturday 24 September 2016    Liverpool Docks ( Salthouse Dock ) (Here all Day)    Steve, Nick, David, Mike, Colin
Sunday 25 September 2016 [Early departure from the docks]     Downholland Cross Bridge No 20A.    Steve, Nick, Mike, Colin
Monday 26 September 2016    Town End Narrows    Steve, Nick, Mike, Colin
Tuesday 27 September 2016    Gathurst Railway Bridge    Steve, Nick, Mike, Colin
Wednesday 28 September 2016    Intu Trafford Centre Visitor Moorings    Steve, [Nick], Mike, Colin
Thursday 29 September 2016    Lodge Lane Bridge No 213    Steve, [Nick], Mike, Colin
Friday 30 September 2016    Clive Green Bridge No 24.    Steve, [Nick], Mike, Colin
Saturday 1 October 2016    Audlem Wharf    Steve, [Nick], Mike, Colin
Sunday 2 October 2016    Market Drayton (Lunchtime)    Steve, [Nick], Mike, Colin

Passage into the Docks will be on Friday which is why we stop at Lydiate on Thursday. We'll stay all day on Saturday and then leave the docks at 08:00 on the Sunday morning.

The planned route suggests that we'd be at Bremilows Bridge No 100 on the first night but we know that even with stopping to visit several pubs including one that was a bit of walk we can make it to The Badger (which is another 5 miles, 1¼ furlongs and 2 locks further on)

Liverpool CAMRA pub map