In Memoriam

From PubNight

This page is dedicated to the memory of those pubs in Cheltenham that are no longer with us. Some will be sorely missed - some less so.

This list is not exhaustive - it only includes pubs that PubNight has Digraphs for. Some pubs have come into being and closed again before PubNight has actually managed to asign them a Digraph... such is the way of the world.

ID Pub Name Notes
1Nineteen Ninety TwoNow a pizzeria
2Sunset BarClosed, redeveloped as..... flats!
3Railway (Swindon Road)After being renamed the Sportsman having had the licence transferred it closed for a while before re-opening as "Best Mate". Now demolished and replaced by flats
4MitreGone to flats
5New Engineers Arms Gone to flats
6New PennyHas been bulldozed and has been replaced by a square box of.... yup you guessed it : flats
7The Overton Lodge Converted into apartments
8The Blue Room
9The SportsmanNow the "American Golf" shop
10Cat & FiddleLarge 1930's building near the football ground. Now Demolished and replaced by flats
11CavernLandlord is closing it and turning it into flats
12CassidysAfter a brief existance as Bar Cuba! it is now closed and has been converted into flats
13CalcuttaClosed. Demolished and replaced by... yes Flats
14DobellsIt is now a Costa Coffee shop. Like Cheltenham doesn't have anywhere to get a cup of coffee
15Bass HouseHas been demolished and replaced by flats!
16Axiom Arts CentreNow Closed - But plans are in place to hopefully re-open it
17JunctionConverted to apartments
18High RoostConverted (back) into a private residence
19Hop PoleConverted to apartments
20Horse & JockeyAlso known as The Forresters before being closed and converted into flats. The downstairs flat still has the bar in the living room.....
21LeckhamptonClosed - gone to flats
22Hereford ArmsAfter a period of being "Flicks" it became the "Hereford" and then closed and became a trendy bar before becoming a restaurant
23Fox & HoundsLarge 1930's building near the football ground. Now a Morrisons Local Supermarket
24Evergreen InnNow Gone and has become part of what looks like a doss house for Itinerant Workers
25The GreyhoundWonderful Road House Estate pub. Demolished by its new owner and now a pile of asbestos contaminated rubble. Was going to be converted to flats but I guess this way he can build more flats in the same space