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Here you will find the Distilled Wisdom of 30 years of Pub Night.

The basic idea of Pub Night is that a group of people (known collectively as the Pub Night Council) meet in pubs to drink beer, play dominos and generally put the world to rights. They are, as you would expect a literate bunch. At the moment, we vote for the venue and date of the next pubnight after last orders. This has been known to descend into chaos, in front of international observers. Three different voting procedures were proposed at one stage to change this to a new kind of computer mediated chaos, but were not taken forward.


Pubnight has just upgraded to the latest stable version of MediaWiki (Version 1.31.1) and PHP 7.2. Hopefully everything is still working!!

Please Note - sending spam emails to Dr Tone is a stupid thing to do:


Cheltenham has another new pub - the The Old Courthouse. It replaces Jamie Oliver's eatery. A small but good range of beers. Company who own it seem to specialise in running pubs in interesting buildings

Details on the next Pub Night can be found on the Next Pub Night page. This page is automatically updated when the decision is made ... assuming that someone remembers to let Doctor Tone know.

"We seem so hell-bent on establishing new 'tradition' that all it takes is for a couple of blokes to get together for a drink in a pub for a few weeks running and before you know where you are people are weaving tapestries of the scene and sticking their fingers in their ear and singing folk songs about it" - Fruit Flies Like a Banana - by Steve Haywood

HELP - We are missing some pubs and some digraphs. If you can help please check out the Missing Information Page

If you are going to help by adding to our list of pubs then please follow the instructions on how to add/maintain data.

Pub Night currently has details on 386 pubs 1

PNC members have drunk 430 different beers from 221 different brewers 1

For more detailed statistical information please refer to the PNC Statistics page

Rich and Mich have been checking out pubs from the good beer guide, see Rich's reckies to find out more

Recent additions to the site can be found on the What's New page.


  • 1 : These figures were calculated on the fly for this viewing of this page so it should be pretty accurate.