Flann O'Brien

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Flann O'Brien

Pseudonym of Brian O'Nolan, Irish civil servant and author. Author of the play "At Swim Two Birds", and novels "The Third Policeman", "The Hard Life", "The Poor Mouth" and "The Dalkey Archive". There are also very fine collections of his newspaper columns - "The Best of Myles" (he also wrote a daily column for the Irish Times for 26 years as Myles na Gopaleen) and "Myles Before Myles". For some of these it helps to be able to read French and Gaelic.

"If we don't cherish the work of Flann O'Brien we are stupid fools who don't deserve to have great men. Flann O'Brien is a very great man". Anthony Burgess.

"As with Scott Fitzgerald, there is a brilliant ease in his prose, a poignant grace glimmering off every page". John Updike.

"A real writer with the true comic spirit". James Joyce.