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Nick is a member of the PNC, a regular pubnight attendee and the driving force behind the OOTPG splinter group. He was one of the founding members of the PNBH group

He is a close friend of Doctor Tone and serves as the Apo'strophe Monitor for thi's s'ite.

Recent Pub Night pubs visited by Nick include:

PubLast Visit
The Plough Inn28/01/2006
The Plaisterers Arms24/08/2006
The Plough, Prestbury27/07/2006
The Retreat01/03/2006
The Red Lion, Cricklade12/3/2009
The Royal Oak,Prestbury02/07/2015
The Red Lion Inn, Market Drayton16/01/2010
The Rotunda Tavern20/04/2006
The Restoration29/08/2007
New Inn09/06/2007
The Swan2005
Coach and Horses, Market Drayton16/01/2010
Morpeth Arms10/04/2008
Kings Arms, Market Drayton16/01/2010
Malvern Hills Hotel12/09/2006
The Old Plough2003
The Old Spot, Dursley15/05/2007
The Parrot03/2005
The Old White Lion24/08/2006
Old Joint Stock, Birmingham15 May 2010
The Swan28/11/2007
Ye Olde Anchor Inn28/01/2006
The Stags Head Inn, Market Drayton16/02/2010
The Whitesmiths Arms09/06/2007
The Little Upton Muggery28/01/2006
The Volunteer2005
The White Hart24/08/2006
White Swan, Birmingham15 May 2010
White Horse and Bower10/04/2008
ZeroDegrees Bristol25/04/2009
Watershed, Bristol25/04/2009
The White Lion, Bristol25/4/2009
The White Lion28/01/2006
Wellington, Birmingham15 May 2010
St. Georges Vaults28/06/2007
The Suffolk Arms24/02/2009
The Sun Inn24/08/2006
The Talbot Head Hotel28/01/2006
The Talbot, Market Drayton16/01/2010
The Swan28/01/2006
The Sudeley Arms16/12/2009
The Star Inn & Hotel28/01/2006
Cafe Rene09/06/2007
Beeston Castle Hotel7/9/2007
The Blue Bell Inn28/01/2006
Cheltenham Beer Festival11/7/2009
The Cotswold11/04/2007
Colston Yard, Bristol25/04/2009
Cheltenham Cricket Club12 September 2009
The Crown Hotel, Market Drayton31/01/2009
Cheltenham Motor Club27/1/2009
The Cape of Good Hope16/06/2006
Cornubia, Bristol25/04/2009
The Bakers Arms02/05/2006
The Brandy Cask19/06/2006
Beehive Inn, Bouncers Lane04/02/2017
The Adam and Eve07/01/2014
The Three Kings10/12/2008
Anchor, Birmingham15 May 2010
The Bayshill Inn03/01/2007
Barton Arms, Birmingham15 May 2010
Bag O Nails, Bristol25/04/2009
The Jolly Brewmaster04/06/2013
Salopian Star16/01/2010
The Hewlett Arms06/01/2016
The Kemble Brewery Inn18/09/2007
Lamp Tavern, Birmingham15 May 2010
The Market Tavern14/06/2006
Laze Daze17/10/2006
The Linden Tree, Gloucester14/01/2009
The Kings Head28/01/2006
The Dragon Inn10/06/2006
Dick Whittington, Gloucester09/06/2007
Grain Barge, Bristol25/04/2009
The Greyhound15/04/2010